Preschoolers Get Curious About New Preschool

With educational design being at the core of our business practice, our projects give us an opportunity to go out into the community and talk about design with people of all ages. Margot, Kelley, and Shannon recently visited with a group of four and five year olds at Second Baptist Creative Learning Center, where a new BCWH-designed 28,000 square foot preschool is under construction. The BCWH team of designers sat with the children and read “Building With Dad,” a story that follows a little boy as he watches his own school under construction – from the steamrollers packing down dirt as the site is getting prepped for a new building, to the final shining of the floors and hanging of the sign at the end of a construction project. The designers then played a game with the kids where they showed photos from the months of construction and the kids took turns putting them in order just like in the story: first the steamroller compacted the fill, then the trenches were dug and the pipes were laid, then the cement mixer poured concrete on the site and the steel was erected like ribs outlining the classrooms and halls. Finally, the students were able to look out the window and see the masons laying down the brick as they enclose the school.


After story time, BCWH worked with the young children to build their own projects out of small blocks and shaving cream – laying bricks and mortars just like the workers outside their school window. They diligently worked on their designs – perfecting the sculptures on their plates into bakeries, arcades, toy stores, and schools. The kids tried on hard hats, safety vests, and goggles. They practiced hammering and screwing. They put their imaginations to work and became budding builders! BCWH was able to share the experience of the design and construction process with the children and prep them for their new space opening in the fall. The children walked away excited and proud – filled with new knowledge about architecture and anticipation for their bright new school.  We cannot wait for the building to open and the Creative Learning Center to build new memories in the space we’ve worked so hard to create for them!

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