LEED Certification for Sustainable Design

With over half of our technical staff being LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited through the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), it is clear to see the dedication and emphasis we place on creating environments that are timeless in design and thoughtful in approach. We are committed to understanding the goals for sustainability and incorporating them successfully into all aspects of our projects. We are thrilled to add one more project to our growing list of LEED accredited projects with the recent LEED Silver accreditation of Martin Luther King Jr. Pre-School Learning Center.

The Pre-School was designed to provide the best quality interior building environment that supports teaching and learning and promotes the health and wellness of the students and faculty while meeting the project certification goals.  Th the site adjacency to the middle school allows for amenities such as parking and food service to be shared rather than duplicated, saving resources and allowing maximum open space on the site. Materials with recycled content were utilized throughout the building and waste management on site diverted 75% of waste from landfills to recycling facilities. Drought resistant and native plants were planted to reduce water required for landscaping. Design that promotes good indoor air quality, provides natural lighting in occupied spaces and minimizes the affects of the building to the environment are features that made this a successful project.

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