We believe the rational organization of buildings and outdoor spaces is an integral part of a progressive learning environment. BCWH brings a special expertise in campus planning and design through the Van Yahres Studio. With over thirty years of experience and more than 700 campus projects completed, The Van Yahres Studio has developed a national reputation in master planning, site design and maintenance planning.

Our planning process engages the whole campus community—from students and faculty to board members and staff—in open, thoughtful discussion. Each of these groups provide varying insights into the way each building or outdoor space relates to the operation of the campus. We discover conflicts and common ground and then create consensus by focusing on the needs of the whole community. By crafting plans rooted in an institution’s history, principles and strategic goals, we can keep the doors of possibility open. BCWH’s campus planning services routinely include: campus master planning, landscape master plans, precinct plans, grounds maintenance plans and facility space assessments.