The Power of Mentoring through Project Based Learning

With the help of local volunteer mentors, ACE is a program focused in exposing high school and middle school students to the fields of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. Through project-based learning, the students learn “real-life” skills that professionals implement on...Read More

Benefits of Green Spaces in Schools

Green spaces and community gardens have been an evolving and ever increasing trend over the last fifteen years in America’s schools. Multiple studies from around the country have shown similar and encouraging results that student exposure to natural experiences, as...Read More

Bellwood Elementary Hosts Career Day

In between the sheriff’s office and an insurance corporation, BCWH’s booth at Bellwood Elementary’s Career Day stood out with interactive elements such as drawing sets, hard hats, and quirky furniture. Classes ranging from first to fifth graders stopped by eager...Read More

Sustainability Meets K-12 Education

The sustainability movement is underway in school systems across North America and around the world. The Green Apple Day of Service gives parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning...Read More

Farm to Family

Recently, we have made an effort to support local VA farmers by purchasing produce, dairy and meat from the "Farm to Family" Bus when it stops near our office! This bus delivers fresh food from local farms within a 150...Read More