Science Museum Exhibit Soars

The much anticipated Speed Exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia is scheduled to open on May 19, the result of a collaborative effort of the museum, BCWH and various consultants spanning over more than three years. The exhibit features...Read More

Connecting Students to Design

With all of the digital overload students experience today, connecting with them through print can be challenging. When Architect Allie Jarett and Landscape Architect Borden Edgerton represented BCWH at the Annual Career Fair at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, they...Read More

Active Learning in the K12 School Library

At a recent daylong workshop on K12 Active Learning, hosted by Creative (a Richmond, VA based Steelcase dealership), BCWH was invited to present to an audience of public and private K12 educators. Specifically, we were asked to share our recent...Read More

The Power of Mentoring through Project Based Learning

With the help of local volunteer mentors, ACE is a program focused in exposing high school and middle school students to the fields of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. Through project-based learning, the students learn “real-life” skills that professionals implement on...Read More

Benefits of Green Spaces in Schools

Green spaces and community gardens have been an evolving and ever increasing trend over the last fifteen years in America’s schools. Multiple studies from around the country have shown similar and encouraging results that student exposure to natural experiences, as...Read More