Bellwood Elementary Hosts Career Day

In between the sheriff’s office and an insurance corporation, BCWH’s booth at Bellwood Elementary’s Career Day stood out with interactive elements such as drawing sets, hard hats, and quirky furniture. Classes ranging from first to fifth graders stopped by eager to learn from Architect, Allie Jarett, and Interior Designer, Laura Miller. A question posed to students of all grade levels was, “What do you think architects and interior designers do?”

Student responses varied from, “make drawings to build houses” (very good!) to “robotics” (not quite) to the most common answer, “they make stuff.” Allie and Laura explained to the students that the “stuff” we make is the spaces that they learn in–whether in schools, libraries, or outdoor campuses. Students explored a computer-generated rendering of a library project alongside a photo of it under construction, and learned our process of turning these ideas on paper into a reality in the form of a building.

Being designers of fun spaces, Allie and Laura brought examples of different chairs to show students a variety of unique furniture solutions. A chair that spins around like a top took criticism from some students who refused to believe that it could be for sitting. The future designers of the world sat down without hesitation and wanted to know where they could get one.

The day was filled with questions, silly observations, and curiosity and it is our hope that the students walked away with the understanding that working at BCWH means creating buildings and spaces (aka “stuff”) by thinking creatively and using your imagination—something they can practice every day.

We would like to thank Brandi Allen with The Michela Group, Stephanie Rutledge with Ball Office Products, Ashley Bitner with American Office, and Maria Hall with Herman Miller for letting us borrow their fun furniture pieces.

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