BCWH presents at VEFP 2015

Last month, BCWH attended the Virginia Educational Facility Planners (VEFP) conference to deliver a presentation with Donna Dalton, Chief Academic Officer for Chesterfield County Schools, on the revitalizing Old Clover Hill High School into a multi-functional facility that combines career and technical education, school administration and an event center. Collaborating with Chesterfield County, BCWH programmed over 198,000 square feet of space to provide specialty functions while taking advantage of efficiencies and adjacencies of the different user groups that make up the Chesterfield Career and Technical Center at Hull (CCTCH).  Shannon Wray, project interior designer, and  Anca Lipan, the project manager, dedicated time to meet with over  twenty departments with varying roles to understand how they could bring each one under the same roof. The renovation process sparked many new ideas that highlight a new type of widespread learning in education that focus on flexibility and collaboration with students, teachers, faculty and administrators. The CCTCH was reformed to be a place the community could recognize as a hub of learning and interaction.

Facilitating the vision of the project and the goals of the stakeholders was key to the design of the CCTCH. BCWH took every opportunity to insert interaction at key locations throughout the building in order to reiterate collaboration. One way of doing so was by providing flexible furniture in common spaces. One of CCTCH’s best features is its mass appeal to the community at large due to the multifaceted, multipurpose nature of the building. The space is a center for activity that supports engagement on all levels and serves as the intersection of community and education in one special place.

Following the presentation BCWH and Chesterfield County were awarded the Silver Design Award for the CCTCH. Adjudicators commented that the project, “was an effective makeover” that houses, “spaces that promote collaboration opportunities.” This award is the result of a strong collaboration between Chesterfield County Schools and BCWH that is representative of the Chesterfield Career and Technical Center at Hull itself.

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