W&L Huntley Entrance
W&L Huntley Reading Room
W&L Huntley Study Room
W&L Huntley Active Lounge

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Huntley Hall Renovation

The Williams School of Commerce, Economics and Politics at Washington & Lee University is housed in Huntley Hall, the former University library. At the retirement of Dr. Larry Peppers after 29 years as Dean of the Williams School, W&L engaged BCWH to renovate a student reading room within Huntley Hall in his honor. The Williams School wanted to divide the space into two zones, the open reading room and smaller semi private study rooms. When dividing the space, we created the small study rooms by placing a glass wall behind the room’s most prominent feature, two large Tuscan columns, instead of between them to preserve their presence in the room. While a portion of the partitions that divided the study rooms were glass, a curved plaster cover ran around the perimeter of the room and in front of and behind the columns. The color scheme for the room is crisp with areas of high pseudo-neutral saturation. Burgundy, navy and gray were chosen for the paint and flooring scheme, which allowed for accent colors and pattern to be incorporated into the furniture. The existing acoustical tile ceiling and fluorescent light fixtures dominated the space and created an over lit room for the use of laptops and devices. BCWH removed half of the fluorescent light fixtures from the space, added an architectural feature to the ceiling and a perimeter drywall soffit surrounded the dropped acoustical tile ceiling. A new entry to the reading room was created by capturing space from the corridor and enhanced by adding half Tuscan columns and wood molding to the entry threshold. The Williams School named the newly renovated room for Dr Peppers and his wife Fran in July of 2015.