Virginia Commonwealth University

Academic Learning Commons

Completed in 2014, BCWH designed VCU’s Academic Learning Commons as a learning hub for students which includes a variety of classrooms and study rooms that allow for a wide range of subjects and teaching styles. The mix of classrooms includes a 400-seat lecture hall, a 200-seat tiered classroom, three 150-seat tiered classrooms, and five 80-seat tiered & flexible flat floor classrooms all within the four-story, 102,000 SF structure located on the Monroe Park Campus at VCU.

The building is intentionally designed to be a collaborative space for all students and staff to creatively and effectively share ideas and work together. The classrooms and gathering spaces in the Academic Learning Commons have been incredibly successful and are unlike any other on VCU’s campus. Their arrangement facilitates a variety of approaches in large and small venues creating a space centered around learning through many methods.

The School of Social Work is housed on the third floor and the fourth floor is home to VCU’s Cent4er for Teaching Excellence where contin9ous research and experimentation on learning occurs. This building allows students to work and learn amongst the most advanced educational research, inside demonstrational classrooms and train for the implementation of new technology.

The project was done with KSS Architects, who served as the associated architect for VCU’s Academic Learning Commons.