Virginia Commonwealth University

STEM Building

BCWH teamed with Ballinger, a nationally-recognized expert in the planning of science facilities, to prepare a Programming and Conceptual Design Study for a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Teaching Laboratory Building and adjacent home for the College. The team will be starting design in 2017.

The STEM Teaching Laboratory Building is characterized by an intensive core grouping of undergraduate science teaching laboratories for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, classrooms, student study space, innovative spaces for Mathematics and Applied Mathematics instruction, interactive spaces for Psychology and exhibit spaces for Anthropology. The program yields approximately 64,000 net assignable square feet (NASF) and fills five floors on two-thirds of the site. Goals of the new design include integrated learning which emphasizes:

    - “connections” between disciplines and departments
    - flexibility to vary scales of learning
    - accommodating pedagogical innovation
    - supporting digital fluency
    - the creation of an energetic environment of openness and transparency to foster collaboration and enhance student achievement

This project is imagined to be a “Centerpiece for the Monroe Park Campus” even as it is the center for the College of H&S. It will give the College some breathing room in its laboratory utilization while also creating a 21st century learning environment that will serve the majority of undergraduate students on campus. The College is the university’s launching pad for students aspiring to enroll in graduate health science programs. This building will provide VCU with the facilities that it needs to attract, retain, and education tomorrow’s science, math, and health care leaders.