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VCU SOE Interior

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School of Education

VCU engaged BCWH and nbbj to join the School’s leadership in creating a place to train educators for the 21st Century. The design team worked closely with a committee representing the diverse departments and externally focused centers of the School to develop a comprehensive integrated program for the multifaceted school. The conceptual design brings as many groups as possible into a single identifiable place that fosters sharing and collaboration. The building is envisioned as a “catalyst for the City and the campus” that will bridge the gap between the Institute for Contemporary Art, private development, Broad Street and the Monroe Park campus. It is made up of highly flexible learning environments that are reconfigurable and technologically advanced to meet the needs of the students and faculty, today and in the future. The public spaces of the school, grouped on the first floor and around the core of the open plan on the upper levels, put “learning on display” to the benefit of the students, faculty and community for whom this will become a center for learning, service and outreach.