VCU Allied Health exterior rendering

Virginia Commonwealth University


Allied Health Building

BCWH teamed with Payette, an international leader in the design of healthcare and health science facilities, to collaborate on a Programming and Conceptual Design Study for an integrated School of Allied Health Professions for Virginia Commonwealth University. The School’s programs accommodate over 1,100 students, helping to fulfill needs for some of the most in-demand careers in today’s healthcare market. A new building will give more prominence and a recognizable identity to the School, to the allied health programs within the University, and to the academic enterprise on the MCV campus as a whole. The School of Allied Health Professions (SAHP) at VCU consists of eleven departments and centers which are currently spread out across multiple floors of five buildings on the university’s two campuses. The disjointed, disparate spaces that the SAHP currently occupy are in sharp contrast to the quality of its programs, mission and values, which emphasize unity among its strong disciplines. The study proposes a new interwoven home for the School that fosters interprofessional interactions and synergies between the programs, the researchers, the faculty, and the students. Payette and BCWH worked closely together and with the School throughout the planning process to ensure that all departments and centers within the School were well-represented. The Study was a collaborative effort, where input and feedback from administration, faculty, staff and students was integrated continually into the process and expressed in a final concept design that reflects the vision and future of the School of Allied Health Professions.