Varina High School

Campus-Wide Renovation

Varina High School and BCWH have a history that spans nearly two decades. The relationship began with renovation projects in the mid-90’s, included smaller additions and renovations in the years since, and has continued with the most recent campus-wide update. Over this time, the group has worked together with strategic, targeted strokes to achieve the comprehensive rejuvenation of this 1960’s campus-style school.

This most recent project is deeply rooted in themes of identity and community. BCWH, in collaboration with the VHS design committee, used the campus-style setting to guide the design process, celebrating this aspect of Varina High School that the staff, students, and community felt strongly embodied their identity. The end product is a cohesive design solution featuring an inspiring new “front door” to the school, enhanced pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems, and collaborative and agile learning environments.