UR Robins Stadium Entrance
UR Robins Stadium 2
UR Robins Stadium
UR Robins Stadium Press Box
UR Robins Stadium Suite
UR Robins Stadium Ticket Box
UR Robins Stadium Press Interior

University of Richmond


E. Claiborne Robins Stadium

The stadium expansion on the University of Richmond campus will provide students, alumni, and fans with an exciting multi-sport venue that will serve the University's needs well into the future. The total stadium capacity of 9,000 will be divided into three seating sections: the West Grandstands, Seasonal end-zone, and the East Grandstands. Private boxes will cantilever over the main seating, adjacent to an indoor club entertainment as well.

In addition to football, the stadium will support soccer, lacrosse, and track programs and will be able to host single game and tournament competition. Designed to enhance the "game-day experience" on campus, the stadium will naturally coexist with the present topography and surrounding vegetation. Aesthetically, the exterior facade will complement the collegiate gothic architecture of the University of Richmond and present a timeless presence on the campus. The project is LEED Silver certified by the US Green Building Council.