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Sarah's Glen

The University asked us to design a memorial garden in a highly visible but underutilized part of the campus next to a stormwater pond and a small stream. In addition to serving as a gathering space for everyday use, the garden is intended to accommodate concerts and other special events for up to three hundred people.

The garden plan is focused on a classical pavilion/stage situated at the edge of the existing pond, at the head of an ellipse of open lawn. Both the lawn and pond are framed by a series of naturalistic gardens filled with native and flowering plants. The gardens also serve to catch and filter storm runoff before it reaches Abram’s Run, replacing several older culverts and a great deal of rip-rap along the banks of both the pond and stream. A number of surrounding walks have been redesigned to seamlessly integrate the garden into its surroundings and to use its central location to link the eastern and western halves of the campus.