Founded in 1772 as one of the first schools for young women in America, Salem Academy and College has twice asked BCWH’s Van Yahres Studio to help them craft a comprehensive vision for the future of their historic campus. Our 2001 master plan laid out a number of critical initiatives for the improvement of the campus, including a new student center, athletic fields and extensive improvements to existing facilities. We also helped them improve the campus landscape with new entrances, signs and edges, as well as a comprehensive program for the conservation and perpetuation of the campus’ large trees.

In 2014, with those improvements largely accomplished, the Academy and College once again asked BCWH to help them address the challenges of the decades to come. The new plan will focus not only on the existing campus – establishing the location and form of a new science building for the College, academic and residential facilities for the Academy and improved athletic facilities for both the Academy and College – but will also turn its attention to the surrounding neighborhoods, as SAC endeavors to integrate itself with the community and strengthen ties with nearby institutions such as Wake Forest and Winston-Salem State Universities and the North Carolina School for the Arts.

Salem Academy and College


Master Plan