Randolph Macon Birdsong Hall

Randolph Macon College


Birdsong Residence Hall

BCWH and McMillan Pazdan Smith introduced the “urban village” housing concept to Randolph-Macon College with the completion of Birdsong Residence Hall.

This new residence hall for senior class students houses 120 students on three floors in apartment style living units. Designed to encourage community and interaction, the building wraps the southern end-zone of the newly-renovated football field and features open balconies and stairs that connect apartments and outdoor gathering spaces. Each apartment includes four private bedrooms with two baths, a full kitchen and living area. A feature unique to this project is the adjacent stadium which is a key element shaping the overall design of the student apartments. The buildings engage the stadium through the placement of circulation, interior layouts responding to and reinforcing the stadium environment and the spaces surrounding it with the porches/common spaces and paths serving the Birdsong Apartments. The center of the building provides meeting room and a banquet facility for academic courses as well as game day activities. The central Banquet Hall is elevated to the second floor to provide an improved view of the field to the north and a view along the main campus axis to the south. With space to seat 200 at banquet-style tables, the Banquet Hall can also be partitioned into three classroom spaces for academic use. A third floor mezzanine and roof terraces create additional event space overlooking the field.