Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School


BCWH’s progressive and high-performance design replaces an aging school, built in 1964, that was determined not cost-effective to renovate following a comprehensive facilities study. New program spaces, including three academic houses, dining facilities, media center, full-size gymnasium, interior courtyards, and associated administration spaces, wrap around the upgraded auditorium space preserved from the existing school.

Each academic house serves as a “School within a School” providing each grade-level with core-subject learning spaces, breakout spaces for teamwork, an Information Commons providing access to multimedia and web-based resources, and teacher resource spaces. Exploratory and specialty learning spaces and the media center are organized along a central corridor linking the academic houses.

To allow the school to serve the neighborhood community during non-school hours, the auditorium, gymnasium, dining commons and community room spaces can be easily and securely separated from the academic wing. Student and faculty safety and security are addressed with secured and observable student entries, separated secure entries for community and after-hours functions, distributed security officer kiosks, and a strategy of high visibility and student observation through-out the school and exterior grounds.