Maggie L. Walker Govenor's School


Addition and Renovation

This 1930's style, double loaded corridor traditional high school was renovated to create a functional, flexible environment for the twenty first century high school with innovative programs. The final design met the challenges of the project, providing a functional, flexible, diverse, dynamic and comfortable learning environment for this unique program.

Diverse learning spaces were created, rich with technology, within a flexible school organization that allows interdisciplinary and traditional school models. Dispersed administration and guidance brought administrative services closer to the students. Circulation was simplified for safety and ease of traffic flow. Various types and sizes of gathering spaces provide many areas for spontaneous instruction or formal presentations. The Student Commons, Cafeteria Commons, Black-box Theatre, Auditorium, and Forum all provide for formal and informal group interaction. Specialty labs for science, technology, language, 2D and 3D art, broadcast, and music provide areas appropriately equipped for specialized instruction. The Senior Commons provides a place for seniors to collaborate, socialize, and build identity as a group. Technology is everywhere, with full capabilities for a student laptop environment.