Libbie Mill Library

BCWH and Tappé of Boston, teamed together to design a brand new library in Henrico County to replace the Dumbarton branch. The 60,000 square foot Libbie Mill Library was envisioned as a hub for learning, positive individual transformation, and community advancement at the center of Libbie Mill - Midtown, a new 80-acre mixed use urban development in the center of Henrico County, Virginia. The Library’s civic presence at the heart of Libbie Mill - Midtown is intended to contribute to the overall urban fabric of this vibrant, pedestrian-scaled community, which continues to grow and develop.

The Library was designed to be a collective “living room” - a welcome destination in the community beyond the home and the office. Its overall building form was largely influenced by the desire for an urban design response – a simple rectangular form pushed tight to the property lines of a compact site. The building façades are playfully articulated by key interior programmatic elements that project from the building and reach out to the neighborhood. The north and east edges accommodate a variety of abundantly daylit seating areas that create welcome, cozy refuge for patrons. The expansive views into the Library help reinforce its presence as a civic beacon within the community.

Internally, the Library was designed to be a welcoming place supporting a range of individual and group work. In addition to having a great variety of meeting spaces, various places around the collections are configured for people to productively use information themselves, share information with others, complete projects (alone or in groups), and even create new information. The variety of spatial openness and connectedness, interior materials and finishes, furnishings, and lighting were all carefully designed to respond to the needs of a modern public library, for both today’s patrons and those of future generations. The project is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification.