Kaechele Elementary School


Kaechele Elementary School gave BCWH and Henrico County school leadership a unique opportunity to take a proven model and build on it. Although the school’s design is a repeat of a previously constructed elementary school by BCWH in 2007, the design team seized the opportunity to re-evaluate and enhance the original project. Kaechele Elementary shares the same strong values as the original design, focusing on student-teacher collaboration and connections to the environment, but with improvements rooted in user feedback. BCWH gathered information from the users of the first school and used this as a basis for improvements to the design.

Kaechele Elementary School features a bright and invigorating learning atmosphere throughout the building. Abundant natural light, expansive glass walls and windows, wide hallways, high ceilings, and sweeping views all contribute to a feeling of inspiration and awe as students and staff move through the school. Bold pops of color help engage pedestrian traffic to entrances and places of significance.