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Harvie Elementary School


Harvie Elementary School, designed for 750 students, can be expanded to 950. It represents an entirely new school design tailored specifically for its site and its community. The school is a one-story design with four distinct interconnected wings. All of the classrooms are located in three wings forming a continuous loop. This loop encloses a generous courtyard of both hardscape and landscape areas and is intended to be used as an outdoor classroom. Harvie Elementary is designed for multiple opportunities to experience learning. A combination of color patterns and interior materials throughout the school reinforces the goal of making Harvie Elementary a place of active learning for growing minds.

At the center of the outdoor courtyard is a paved compass-rose pointing to true north using inscribed lettering. When used with a shadow casting pole or gnomon, it acts like a sun dial. Students can track the sun's movement through time in relation to our position on the Earth.