Flat Rock Elementary School

The 2-story design of the new 900-student Flat Rock Elementary School helps reduce impact on a resource rich, limited site. The building exterior incorporates materials and finishes consistent with those used at the adjacent High School designed by BCWH in 2003. The New Flat Rock Elementary School design serves students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through fourth grade. The building provides approximately 96,000 gross square feet of academic and support spaces.

The building design is composed of public and private sides divided by a central corridor and instructional areas are arranged by grade levels with each wing owning a collaborative group area nearby. These 'clusters' promote collaboration, provide for security, and accessibility and allow children to move independently in accessing the many available resources. There is an abundance of natural light within Flat Rock Elementary and many views and connections to the outside. The trellis in front of the Pre-K area reduces glare inside the classroom and creates diffused light while scaling the building exterior to the community's youngest children.