First Unitarian


Universalist Church of Richmond

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond selected BCWH to guide them through the design and construction process of fulfilling their new program vision within an existing, modern designed building of the 1970s. Renovations were carefully designed to respect the existing architecture while answering the needs of the church. To incorporate the desired improvements, the courtyard was completely redesigned to create a front entrance. This transformed a seemingly mysterious building into a distinguishable place for spiritual engagement. BCWH gave the building a celebratory front which effectively reoriented the building and created that welcoming experience the congregation so desired. Within the Ground Level renovations, administrative offices were consolidated into a suite, a new library was added, and the Great Hall was completely upgraded to include state of the art audio visual equipment, performance lighting, and a sound booth in addition to a rebuild of the Chancel platform. The Lower Level includes five newly constructed meeting spaces, and a central multi-use meeting space, all of which are designed to flex between regularly used meeting locations, to youth education, to special events space. A much anticipated commercial grade kitchen was built and a hydraulic elevator was installed to provide easy access to each level within the building. Throughout the renovation, energy conservation stayed top of mind and every new and replacement fixture was chosen to consume as little resource as possible.