Fintel Library

Roanoke College

The Fintel Library at Roanoke College, originally built in 1961 with additions and renovations completed in 1991, was outdated and had not kept pace with the current needs of an academic library. The College desired to re-purpose and redesign select first floor spaces totaling approximately 11,000 square feet with the goal of a less collection-centric and more student-centric environment. Due to the compressed summer break project schedule, BCWH embarked on a two day long charrette, working closely with library staff and administration, to quickly establish the project’s programmatic needs and design goals. The final design includes a new collaboration zone, an information commons, a group study area, and a café / coffee bar; all outfitted with new flexible furnishings and technologies. In addition, the renovation includes custom new book and periodical display, and a refreshed interior environment with new carpet and paint.