Cub Scouts Adventure Camp - BCWH Architects
Cub Scouts Adventure Camp - BCWH Architects

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Adventure Camp

BCWH helped the Cub Scouts develop a camp for children and parents who may not have ever camped that provided a positive camping experience. The camp is designed to accommodate 400 campers, parents and staff personnel.

The Administration Building and Dining Hall or "The Lodge" was influenced by National Park Service's timber and stone structures. This structure has deep overhangs to shelter and foster gathering around the exterior as well as interior of the dining hall and trading post. This building has a prominent location in the camp at a central high point in the landscape.

Other building "types" the Scouts included at the camp were developed based on their annual program themes: Additional Participant Housing, Yurts, Railroad Car Sleepers, Western Fort Bunkhouse, Hogan Sleepers, "Tree Houses", Teepees, Tents, "Castle" Pool & Nature Center.