Albemarle High School Classroom
Albemarle High School Exterior
Albemarle High School Exterior 2
Albemarle High School Interior
Albemarle High School Green Roof

Albemarle High School


Addition and Renovation

For more than five decades, Albemarle High School has held a prominent position as a center of teaching and learning for the community, evolving through renovations and additions which reflected educational trends of the time. In August 2009, the latest series of additions and renovations carefully weave new spaces into the existing building fabric for 21st century teaching and learning. As part of the new design, the project added new classrooms and science labs, professional learning spaces, administration spaces, a refurbished auditorium, multipurpose space, locker rooms, and an outdoor dining plaza for students. As part of the academic additions, a new Math Engineering and Science Academy (MESA) program has been launched, in which students participate in math and science core classes in a modified curriculum that focuses on practical applications, collaboration and experimentation. To offer students lessons in the engineering and science that surrounds them in these new spaces, the building reveals itself with exposed structural systems and mechanical and electrical devices. Signage is provided which describes the various parts and systems of the addition; tying the building to specific curriculum used in the course of study.