Libbie Mill Library Design Unveiled

The plans for the new 60,000 SF Libbie Mill Library have finally been unveiled to the public. Renderings and plans have been received with excitement and support from the community and district representatives. The library is on track to open in November of 2015.

“Upon buildout within the next decade or so, the 80-acre Libbie Mill community (situated at the corner of Staples Mill Road and Bethlehem Road) is expected to house 994 for-sale units and 1,096 apartments and more than 200,000 square feet of office, commercial and community space. It also will become home to a unique library that will replace the Dumbarton Area Library, which sits about two miles to the west.

‘I’m extremely happy with what I’ve seen,’ Brookland District Supervisor Dick Glover said of the Libbie Mill project. ‘I know the people in that area are going to be very excited.’ ”

Read the full Henrico Citizen article here.

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