LEED for Homes and EarthCraft Virginia for Campus Housing, presented to the VFIC, Richmond, VA, 2012

BCWH and Sustainable Design Consulting teamed and presented to the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges to speak about the comparison of LEED-H certifications and EarthCraft homes. LEED for Homes (LEED-H) was originally written to address the single-family and small low-rise multi-family market.  It has now grown to include multi-family up to 3 stories, when previously those projects were LEED-NC. There is also the option of using LEED-H with an Application Guide for Midrise for projects up to 6 stories, instead of LEED-NC, and talk of LEED-H being the required rating system for multi-family projects up to 10-12 stories.  The certification process for LEED-H, which is completely different from LEED-NC, will be described in detail, and example criteria differences were highlighted in the presentation.

Another viable option for multi-family projects is EarthCraft Virginia.  Earthcraft was also originally intended for the single family market, but has been reworked for multi-family.  It is less well-rounded than LEED-H, but also more focused on building science issues common in residential work. Earthcraft will be introduced, including examples of criteria and the certification process.

To get an in depth comparison check out the presentation PDF below:

LEED for Homes and EarthCraft Virginia for Campus Housing presentation PDF

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