Emily Striffler Named 2015 Emerging Leader in Architecture by the Virginia Society AIA

Congratulations to Emily as she is named for the Virginia Society AIA’s  class of 2015′s Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA). The Society’s  award winning ELA program was designed to recognize outstanding young professionals and help jump-start their careers in architecture. Conceived of and lead by a passionate steering committee of successful architects, the program was designed to share the things they wished they had learned in architecture school.

Emily has six years of experience as an architectural designer with special experience in higher education and community facilities. Her abilities as a designer have taken her to the Big Apple and back again to Richmond. With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Virginia Teach, Emily joined the BCWH team in  2012.

For more information on the ELA program, we encourage you to visit the Virginia Society’s AIA website here.


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