Emily Hogan & Kylan Shirley participating in ELA

Two of our young architects are currently participating in the VA Society AIA’s Emerging Leaders in Architecture 2014 class. Emily Hogan and Kylan Shirley were chosen from a group of established architectural leaders in Virginia to join a class of only 16 participants from the entire state.

From the VA Society AIA,

“Designed to develop future leaders in architecture firms, in communities, and in the profession, the ELA program consists of seven intensive day-long seminars. Each session will focus on one or more essential strategies or skills such as financial management, presentation and communication skills, negotiating techniques, understanding legal and ethical issues, and public service. A class project is incorporated into the program, which lasts the entire year, is real-world and real-client based, and serves to help the participants put the knowledge and skills they are learning into practice.

At the first session, “Inheritance and Inspiration,” participants got to know each other, learned about program’s goals and requirements, and were introduced to the class project for the year. Speakers on the nature of leadership, architectural history and traditions, and the inspiration to be found in good design rounded out the day.  The 2014 class project is sited in historic Falls Church, where history and growth have collided to make planning and development an interesting challenge.”

We can’t wait to see how the 2014 class project progresses! Check back soon for more updates!

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