Dr. Mike Gill shares Middle School Education Insights

Dr. Mike Gill, Director of Middle School Education, visited BCWH last week from Chesterfield County Schools to share his recent research on strengthening middle school education.

The advancement of middle school education relies on 9 points that are given voice by educational leaders in the area according to Dr. Gill:

  1. Ensure that all middle schools are practicing “true teaming” at the 6th and 7th grade levels
  2. Increase elective offerings by reducing the pupil-teacher ratio and establishing common elective expectations for all middle
  3. Ensure that all middle schools have a focus on educating the whole child
  4. Provide professional development for all middle school teachers on the social, emotional and developmental needs of middle grades students
  5. Fully investigate alternative scheduling options to maximize the use of time for middle school students
  6. Ensure that every student has an adult advocate
  7. Pursue the Schools to Watch designation for schools which best fit the The National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform criteria
  8. Support the mobile device initiative with sustained professional development for teachers on best practices for teaching and learning with the selected technology
  9. Prioritize a study on the curriculum, sequencing and pacing of K-12 mathematics offerings

Dr. Gill has projected that these initiatives can help facilitate better outcomes for students in Chesterfield County middle schools and that the culmination of national research, local data, and community voice can help support the regions middle school education.

Huge thanks to Dr. Gill for taking time to share these insights with our designers!

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