Creating Dynamic Learning Environments: Interior Design at FHS presentation to the VSBA, Richmond, VA, 2012

In a case study we conducted on the New Fluvanna High School, BCWH took a detailed look at the effects of interior design on the learning environment. The 21st century classroom is going through changes that encourage collaborative learning with the use of technology and student centered thinking, this idea calls for a change in design to fit the environment. In FHS we quickly realized that a successful classroom was one that was designed to work with the new goals of learning today, and that requires breaking away from traditional molds that discourage a productive learning space. To get a real look on how the design of classroom space affects learning check out our project listing for the new Fluvanna High School which can be found here.

Check out the PDF below for a more detailed look at the creation of a dynamic learning environment:

Creating Dynamic Learning Environments Presentation PDF

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