Community Involvement at Richmond Middle School

November 4, 2016

On October 29, Community in Schools (CIS) of Richmond hosted a Harvest Festival to welcome students, families and community members into the newly built Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Events like this are intended to promote parental engagement and be welcoming to neighbors. The festival included various craft projects, face painting, blow-up basketball hoops, a DJ, and a performance by the MLK dance team and cheerleaders.

Amongst the volunteers for Harvest Festival, BCWH’ers Laura Miller, Allie Jarett, Gwen Davis, and Virginia Firenzuoli helped students and families create their own leaf-printed artwork! The students and parents were able to chose different types of leaves and learn which plant they came from before painting it and pressing it on to paper. Lamb’s ear was easily the favorite. This activity allowed students to use nature as art and engage with their school. When BCWH renovated MLK Middle School, two courtyards were integrated into the school’s design for student and community use such as the Harvest Festival.

CIS of Richmond works within the public school system, determining student needs and establishing relationships with local businesses, social service agencies, health care providers and parent and volunteer organizations to provide needed resources.

MLK Harvest Fest

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