Video: Campus Improvement Plans

Landscape Architect and Campus Planner, Syd Knight, has worked on hundreds of campus planning projects and has learned through his experience that Campus Improvement Plans are a great way to audit a campus and create a plan of where and...Read More

Video: Project Management

Andrea Quilici, a Project Manager at BCHW, shares some of the key elements of being an architectural project manager and how he works with all parties of a project to balance the design thinking and the technical needs throughout the...Read More

Video: Transforming Libraries

Shannon Wray has been designing libraries at BCWH for over a decade and shares how the focus of libraries has become more people-centric. With that concept in mind, having a compelling interior environment is what will attract people and will...Read More

Video: Selecting Classroom Furniture

Erin Richardson shares insight into how furniture in classrooms has changed how students learn. By having flexible and varying furniture in the classrooms it is improving student productivity, creating more collaborative environments, and allowing teachers to find new ways to...Read More

Video: K-12 Renovation

School renovation projects are a large part of the work BCWH does. Helping transform schools into safer and more functional spaces, as well as creating new creative learning environments ignites our design passion. Roger Richardson and Rob Comet share some...Read More