3D Printing at Varina Library

As a contribution to transforming the Library into a state-of-the-art productive place in the community, the Digital Media Lab (DML) space at the new Varina Area Library creates a place for individual computer use in a controlled and supervised environment, with extensive software options and qualified assistance. This “Lab” space is in addition to general computer use spaces in other areas of the library. It is a contained space that can be isolated for instruction or opened onto adjacent space for general use to support patrons who want to work with digital content manipulation workstations and software. Like Libbie Mill, the DML at Varina Library houses two 3D printers for patron use. If you’ve created something (via a program like Tinkercad) or downloaded something someone else designed (via a service like Thingiverse) you can request that it be printed using one of the 3D printers. BCWH created a 3D model of Varina Library and printed it inside the library in the firm’s signature color of orange. For all information regarding file size and cost of printing, please visit this link for the Varina Area Library website.

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